A Healthy Economy Starts in the Classroom

The Ko`olauloa Educational Alliance Corporation (KEAC) is a proactive association of school, business, and community members dedicated to providing career pathways partnering and support to the Kahuku Complex Schools.

The corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes as a non-profit corporation to:

  • Provide career awareness, focus and experience for every students in the Kahuku Educational Complex.
  • Develop gender equitable curricula to infuse quality educational opportunities related to careers and career applications.
  • Ensure that all students develop requisite affective attitudes, skills, values and ethics as a basis for successful living.
  • Develop an appropriate school-to-career transition plan for every student.
  • Create a true “partnership” in which every contributor is fully committed to the maintenance and continuation of a self-sustaining Ko’olauloa Educational Alliance Corporation (“KEAC”).
  • Facilitate teacher support in form of resources, planning time and practical experiences.
  • Encourage and facilitate communication and articulation between Complex Elementary Schools, Intermediate/High School and Post Secondary Educational Institution.
  • Increase academic standards.
  • Increase contextual learning.

KEAC has the distinction of being the first Hawaii federal School-to-Work program to become a non-profit (501 c 3) corporation in the mid-1990’s under Lea Albert, now complex area school superintendent for the Castle and Kahuku complexes.

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